P.M. Malanchuk 1 , M. Yu. Voronkova 1,
Affiliations 1 Sumy State University, 2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st., 40007 Sumy,Ukraine
Issue Issue 6, Year 2017
Citation Malanchuk P. M., Voronkova M. Yu. Forensic Investigation of the Abduction of a Person, 6, 94-98 (2017)
DOI 10.21272/legalhorizons.2017.i6.p94.
Keywords forensic characteristics, abduction of a person, personality of a criminal, methods of preparation, commission and concealment of a crime, personality of the victim, purpose and motive of a crime.
Annotation This article is devoted to forensic investigation of the abduction of a person as a socially dangerous intentional act. The views of scientists on the concept of «human abduction» are presented.

Particular attention is paid to the methods of preparation, commission and concealment of the crime, as well as the details of the actions of criminals that are included in the way of preparation, execution and concealment of this crime. Actions for the preparation of this crime include acts related to the choice of victim, the purpose of the kidnapping and the range of persons who will participate in the implementation of this crime are determined. Regarding the methods of committing, there are various actions here, which include, in the vast majority, physical and mental violence against the victim. Methods of concealing a stolen person, then there are informational and physical actions.

Also, the article describes the place where the abduction of a person is committed, the time of commission. Also provided are tools used by criminals to commit a crime. An important element of forensic characteristics is described – the personality of the offender. And also a victim of crime, which are important figures of this kind of crime.

The purpose and motives that motivate the crime are given. In the overwhelming majority, the purpose and motives are selfish. All these forensic elements of this crime play an important role in detecting, disclosing and preventing crimes.

The conclusions conclude that the forensic characteristic of the crime carries a great polemical potential. By studying the criminalistic characteristics of the crime, you can quickly discover the crime, as well as on the basis of materials to prevent such crimes.