The manuscript submission for publication

General requirements for scientific articles

1.    The journal Legal Horizons accepts manuscripts that are results of original scientific, practical and educational research that have not been previously published in English and Ukrainian comply with the objectives, goals and policies of the journal and include the following essential elements:

– problem definition and its relationship with important scientific and practical tasks;

– analysis of recent research and publications on the problem, unsolved aspects of the problem;

– definition of purposes of the manuscript (objective);

– main material of research with full justification of scientific results;

– conclusions from the research and prospects for further research in this area.

The manuscript should be a completed scientific work containing scientific novelty in research and/or practical importance.

2.   Size of the manuscript (title, author information, text of the manuscript, references, abstract and keywords) must not exceed 15 pages (Times New Roman; 14 pt; interval 1.5).

3.   Manuscripts of graduate students, associate students and PhD students should be supplemented with a duly certified review of Doctor (Candidate) of Science.

4.    Additional information: a manuscript sent to the Editorial Board without complying with the requirements specified in paragraphs 1-3 cannot be published. They are published free of charge. The Editorial Board reserves the right to review, edit or reject manuscripts. The author is responsible for the content or accuracy of the information provided. Reprinting of published materials is carried out only with the permission of the author and Editorial Board.

The manuscript sent by e-mail does not exempt the author from the need to send all necessary documents to the Editorial Board.

Materials for publication in the journal are sent to the author by e-mail: The materials should be supplemented with:                 

  1. Electronic version of the manuscript in Word format;
  2. Information about the author: name, surname, patronymic (in full), academic degree, academic title, place of work and position, postal address, telephone number, e-mail;
  3. For authors without a scientific degree – scanned review of scientific supervisor or a person who has the scientific degree (reviewer’s signature must be certified in the personnel department of the institution or seal of the faculty (institute);
  4. Author’s photo in .jpg format.

Review by the Editorial Board:

Upon receipt of the manuscript via e-mail of the journal, the author is notified via e-mail about the receipt of the manuscript and a possible issue of the journal for the publication.

After the plagiarism check (anti-plagiarism Internet system – “”), if necessary, and the pre-edit of the manuscript, the author receives the manuscript for revision or approval of the final version. In case of rejection of the manuscript, the author is informed about the refusal with specification of reasons

The author sends the manuscript materials to the Editorial Board via regular mail.

Address of the Editorial Board:

               Educational and Scientific Institute of Law of Sumy State University

               Petropavlivska Str., 57

               Sumy, Ukraine 40000

Publication of the manuscript 

– placement of the manuscript in the journal on the official website of the journal;

– the author obtains the certificate of approved standard with the bibliographic description and access mode;

– upon request, the author is sent a hard copy of the journal Legal Horizons.

Organizational issues are resolved with the executive secretary by phone.

Secretary – Pavlenko Bohdana Olehivna, +380953311402