Submission fee

The payment for the publication of the article in “Legal horizons” is 300 UAH for 10 pages. If the size of the article exceeds this number of pages, each next page costs 50 UAH. Submission fee covers costs connected with editing articles, mocking up and printing the journal, as well as posting the journal to the authors.

Employees of the Institute of the Academic and Research Institute of Law have the opportunity to publish their scientific works for free. If the article is written in co-authorship with the student, then the payment order is general.

Subsequently, after payment, the author sends the signed original contract and a receipt for payment to the address of the editor by means of postal services or a scanned copy of the signed agreement and a receipt for payment by e-mail.

The reason for including the article in the publication is the actual receipt of these documents by the responsible editor of the magazine.