Police of the journal

Legal Horizons publishes manuscripts on various topics of the legal world for the widest possible audience of readers.

The journal aims to highlight the results of scientific research in the national legal sphere and integration of acquired knowledge in the international scientific and research space.

The journal is open for both Ukrainian and foreign scientists, which should ensure the development of jurisprudence in Ukraine and at the international level.

The journal Legal Horizons publishes important legal issues that are important for society. Their interpretation, discussion and more detailed disclosure make it possible to distribute the journal to a wide audience of readers and subscribers. Therefore, the experience and knowledge of foreign scholars and practitioners is indispensable for publication in Legal Horizons.

The journal Legal Horizons is a Ukrainian national journal, but the publication is possible in several languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English).

New ideas of young researchers are an important contribution to the modern legal science. The realities require changes and innovations. Thus, the Editorial Board of the journal Legal Horizons aims to erases boundaries and allows considering legal issues in a completely different dimension.

Students, postgraduate students, university professors, scientists can submit their manuscripts to the journal.

Policy of the journal is constantly changing with the novelty of scientific achievements. New horizons of legal knowledge, detailed discussion of current issues and problems of modern jurisprudence, review of national and international legislation and new innovative research are priority tasks of the scientific and practical journal Legal Horizons.