Founders of the journal

The first edition of Legal Gazette was printed in 2008. It was founded by Ukrainian Academy of Banking. The journal was printed in Russian and Ukrainian twice a year. It published results of basic legal research, considered relevant legal problems of the banking system, law enforcement and other agencies, analyzed legislative activities. The journal is intended for professional lawyers, representatives of public authorities, researchers, teachers, students, and educational institutions.

The Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of December 23, 2015 No.1398-r “On reorganization of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking” two powerful universities of Sumy region – Ukrainian Academy of Banking and Sumy State University. Scientific and Educational Institute of Law was established as part of Sumy State University on May 6, 2016. Accordingly, the journal was re-registered.

In June 2016, the first issue of updated scientific and practical journal Legal Horizons was released. It brought together the views of many scientists, graduate students, professors and lawyers in a single stream of innovation in all branches of law.

The journal Legal Horizons launches a new era in scientific knowledge from the perspective of practitioners and academics, students and teachers. Publications domestic scientific knowledge and integrate them into the global scientific and research space.