Tasks and objectives of the journal

Welcome to the journal Legal Horizons!

The journal Legal Horizons creates space for interesting ideas and information, education and training, exchange of knowledge and experience between scientists and practitioners, teachers and students.

Our journal provides to all legal theorists and practitioners with opportunity to share their findings, theories and views on the development of various branches of law in the context of globalization and development of information society.

Key objectives of Legal Horizons:

  • Publication of research results;
  • Improvement of professional competence of experts;
  • Familiarization of practicing lawyers with current problematic issues of different branches of law;
  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge and best practices in law;
  • Improvement of teaching methods of legal disciplines;
  • Integration of domestic legal science and education in global educational and research space.

The sphere of influence the journal Legal Horizons is quite broad and aimed at:

  • Assistance to researchers in distributing their innovations and ideas;
  • Establishment of productive dialogue between scientists and practitioners;
  • Publication of the results of theoretical research aimed at improving legal thinking and effectiveness of legal activity.

The journal aims to cover topical issues of the theory of state and law, civil, criminal, commercial, administrative, constitutional law and processes, etc. It creates a scientific platform that will be of interest to domestic and foreign scholars, practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Scientific community is changing and modernizing every day, and the journal Legal Horizons is ready to change together with science and law, expanding it horizons and audience.