The Editorial board invites you to collaboration with scientific professional journal “Legal Horizons”. The articles are accepted to the October 15th, 2017 to the Issue 5 (18). For authors it would be useful to view published articles in Journal.

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Dear colleagues!

The Editorial Board of scientific journal “Legal Horizons” is glad to announce that the Journal was included to the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine in Legal Sciences.

Thus, according to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine # 996 dated by 11.07.2017 the scientific journal “Legal Horizons” issued by the Sumy State University, was included to the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine in Legal Sciences in which the results of the Ph.D. thesis on obtaining the degrees of a doctor or a candidate of sciences can be published.

The Journal publishes the articles of leading national and foreign scientists and popularizes scientific research in legal sciences.

Картинки по запросу научные журналы


The Editorial board of the scientific journal “Legal Horizons” declares the admission to Issue 4 (17) and invites scientists to publish their articles by the actual thematic.

Requirements to publication in the Journal “Legal Horizons”. It is necessary to send to the Editorial Board by e-mail:

  • the electronic manuscript of article according to the requirements;
  • information about author (s);
  • authors without scientific degree must send a review signed by doctor or candidate of sciences in the field of publication;
  • photo of the author (s) and scientific supervisor/

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Dear colleagues!

The Issue 3 (16) of the scientific journal “Legal Horizons” was published. The electronic version of the Journal can be found on the website of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

The Journal “Legal Horizons” is aimed at publishing of scientific research, increasing the professional competence of specialists, familiarization practical lawyers with actual issues of various branches of jurisprudence, developing of scientific knowledge, advanced experience in the sphere of law and teaching methods of legal disciplines integration of national science and education into world educational and research system.

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The Issue 2 (1) of the scientific journal “Legal Horizons” was published. Its Content you can read at the link, and also at the website of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine The Editorial Board invites all interested scientists to collaboration within scientific journal “Legal Horizons”. The Journal is referred scientific articles, scientific and theoretical, practical materials on actual basic and branch legal topical issues, law enforcement practices and etc.

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